Something to Look Forward to

It helps keep a body going.

It’s been awhile since I posted in my 30 Day Writing Challenge. I won’t even mention at how horribly I failed at doing it in 30 days.

What are you excited about reads challenge 13.

Well, let’s see. Numerous of things.

Mailing my friend’s packages. Granted, they’re all late birthday gifts, but I am excited to get them mailed, and to have my friends receive them.

The new stationery I bought today. Yes, I do still do the thing called “pen-palling”. Those packages I’m mailing tomorrow, they’re for my pen-pals. I haven’t gotten a new pen-pal in like 9 years, but the ones I have, we’ve been writing since 2004/2005. I have been horrible at responding back, so I went to the Office Max a few miles down the road from my apartment today because they’re having a moving sale. I bought three packs for 40% off each one. And I already wrote a letter tonight!

Going to nursing school.  That’s something a ways off, but I am rather excited about the idea of going. I love being a CNA, but it definitely isn’t something I want to do for the next twenty years.

Getting paid later this week. Enough said.

Thanksgiving. I have a feeling I’ll probably end up working, but I’m still excited for it. If I work it, I should have Christmas off. The nursing home I’m at they typically try to give us every other holiday off. Although I worked Memorial Day and the 4th of July. I did get Labor Day off. I honestly wouldn’t have minded working that day, but whatev.

This upcoming weekend. It’s my weekend off, and I can’t wait. I’ll probably go Sephora…My best friend got me a gift card there for my birthday. I love buying makeup, and even though I wouldn’t normally buy makeup when I don’t have much extra cash, I can. Because my friend is awesome!


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