Favorite Movies

‘Cause who doesn’t love movies?

So honestly, I’m more of a television series girl, but I do love a good movie! Which leads me to this- I may watch the occasional movie, but not many will get me back a second or even a third time. So this list is good. Trust me.

Post your favorite movies that you never get tired of watching. Yes, I’ve returned for day 14! Yay!

Ok, silly sarcasm done with. Let’s begin.

Fast and Furious. All of them. I love them. I would just melt of happiness if someone were to present them- all of them- to me as a gift. And I cannot wait to see the 7th installment. Even if the sudden death of Paul Walker means the movie won’t be the same…

Ladder 49. This movie makes me cry every.damn.time. I’m not a big crier. But this movie gets me. My childhood dream was to be a firefighter (and a part of me still wishes for that even if I doubt I’ll ever actually pursue it) and I just put myself in his shoes, and…damn. Yeah. I cry.

White Wolves. Okay, so this movie is actually pretty retarded, but I love it. I actually don’t remember how many times I’ve watched it. I included the link to IMDb page just so you know exactly what movie it is. It’s actually an older movie, 1993. I hate older movies. But for some reason, I just love this one.

The Ugly Truth. Because who doesn’t love sexy Gerard Butler and beautiful Katherine Heigl? And it’s just outright hilarious. I’ve made several guys watch it. The result is the fucking same, every time. “Ugh a girl movie? Seriously?” and I’m like “Just try it! I swear if you don’t like it, I’ll let you pop it out.” But probably within the first 5 minutes, they love it.

Captain America. Both of them! I love, love, love them!!

And then here are some movies that I used to watch a lot…

The Princess Diaries. And I fucking swear a scene came and went every time I watched it. It was there, next time I watched it, it was gone. Even my sister said the same thing! So I don’t know what’s up with that. Oh, and the books were pretty good, too. Not something I’m into anymore, but oh boy did I read the books and watch the movies!

Step Up. The one with Channing Tatum. I watched it, a lot. I actually own a copy now, too. Haven’t actually watched my copy…when I bought it, I bought it just to own it. It was like super cheap, figured what the heck.

Anne of Green Gables. I could actually re-watch them, but I won’t include them in the list of movies that I never get tired of.

He’s Just Not That Into You. Hilarious! But I watched it too many times, and got bored with it.


Brain fart. I know there are more movies I could add to both. But I just cannot come up with titles! How about you? What are the movies that you can watch and never tire of? Or just movies in general that you’ve watched several times?


tell me your thoughts!

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