A Day in My Life

Bullet point your whole day.

So challenge 15 is going to be boring. My day to day life isn’t exciting, but that’s okay.

  • I woke up at 10:30am, laid in bed til 11:30
  • Put on a bra, brushed my teeth, and went to the post office.
  • Cuddled with the “boyfriend” (we’re not exactly official, official…it’s complicated…and stupid).
  • “My” mechanic showed up to check out my car, and drove it around the block. He discovered the high pitch noise was from my brake pad being almost gone, and something was catching on the rotor. Yay, more expenses.
  • After he left, I jumped in the shower and got all clean.
  • The man and I walked over to McDonalds, where I ate too much.
  • We get back, and I dress for work, kiss him goodbye and drive to work.
  • Work, work, work.
  • Work, work, work.
  • Break time! Flat tire, so I drive the 5 minutes home, and park the crappy thing, and get out the Camaro.
  • Work, work, work.
  • Home!
  • Bitch about assholes who can’t park.
  • Apply at the hospital near me.
  • Get on the community college website…it sucks and made me grumpy. Why can’t I fucking pick what classes I want?? If I start failing, I’ll drop out, but why in the world do they tell me what I can and cannot take? My money, my time. Grr!
  • And now I’m here.

So, that’s what my day consisted of. Not very exciting. I originally planned on doing this as a day in advance, saying what I would do, but I’m lazy. I don’t do anything.


tell me your thoughts!

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