They Say Confession is Good for the Soul

Why is that anyway?

Like how does confessing make you feel better? I mean, yeah, when I get shit out in the open I do feel some sense of relief. Are we like hardwired to just automatically feel better once we confess?

Whatever. I have two things to say here, and omg, I just want to do something!

First one!

About a month ago, I was simply searching on Plenty of Fish. I wanted to see if any hot guys existed on said site, make joining up worth it. There I am, scrolling through guy after guy after guy, when boom there is John’s fucking handsome face! I just stopped and stared.

What the fuck?! my mind screamed. Why is on here? And omg, why is he saying “wants to date but nothing serious”? Ok, no I get that, but heavens look, “relationship: single.” Facebook still says you’re in a relationship with the bitch you left me for.

I could understand if it was an old account, but it said “last active in the last 30 days.” Which means, he is lying. And he’s trying to find hot bitches to fuck. And that, most likely, he is cheating on his girlfriend.

Which also means…that bitch has nothing on me!

I always wondered what she had that I didn’t that made him ditch me. That made him stay with her. That made him have a baby with her. I mean, within 6 months of ditching me, this woman was pregnant! Did she just trick him, or what? Because in the six months we fucked, I didn’t get knocked up.

So yeah. I have a lot of mixed emotions. Like, I thought he stopped cheating. But it clearly don’t look like it.

Second thing.

I just discovered this not even two weeks ago. The family friend in Florida? He and his girlfriend broke up. I looked up flights down there, too expensive though. And I haven’t even talked to him in months.

But, what the fuck. Do I keep wondering what if, or do I reach out to him?

Ugh. Ugh. Fuck.


tell me your thoughts!

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