Actually, no, don’t go there.

I don’t even remember why I went to that site (and no, I didn’t include the actual link, but you can type it in and go there yourself), but I didn’t understand it right off. Call it a blonde moment.

I typed my username in, because I have this weird “obsession” to search for myself to see what I find. Well, apparently when you put in your username, it pops up for everyone else to see, and now I’ve been receiving a ton of snaps from strangers. Yes, yes I know I can change my settings to receive snaps only from my friends.

But it’s kinda fun seeing these thirsty guys.

I can’t figure out how to remove my username. So I will be changing my settings eventually. Probably tomorrow.

I have received so many snaps like “wanna see some dick?”, “wanna see what’s in these pants?” followed by a dick pic.

Seriously, omg. I can’t even.

And just now I received a video of a guy stroking his dick, followed by “you like?”

I’m dying here.


tell me your thoughts!

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