Celebrity Crushes

Don’t we all got one?

Post about three celebrity crushes.

So, I don’t actually get into celebrities. Like I don’t follow their lives in check-out lanes magazines. I don’t get obsessed. But I guess there are a few who I like just a little more than the rest…

I will actually do more than three…but since I failed at the “30 facts about me” I will allow myself to go over three.

Jennifer Lawrence

83rd Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon - Arrivals

This woman is gorgeous. And, no matter her hair style- she is still so fucking hot. I admit, if she’s in a movie, I will watch it. Just for her. I don’t even care what the movie is about. As for those nude pictures? Who cares. I didn’t go searching for them, but I find it stupid how people say she deserved it or some shit.

Jensen Ackles

jensen ackles

Just look at him. Omg. I love him. I got into Supernatural because of him, although now I watch it because it’s just fucking awesome. But he is super hot. And I even enjoyed his character in Smallville.

Justin Hartley

justin hartley

Oh, Oliver…I’ve only seen him in Smallville but by golly, I loved him. Look at that face…Yes, he is hot. And sexy. And would it be creepy or weird or wrong or nothing negative if I said I would totally agree to a threesome with him and Jensen? Because I would.

Channing Tatum

channing tatum

Ok, so I’ll admit I did watch Magic Mike just for him. He is pretty damn hot. And I loved him in Step Up.

And, as a bonus, but doesn’t really count because he died. But before that, he was my number 1.

Paul Walker

paul walker

I absolutely loved his role in the Fast and Furious movies. I loved him in any movie I seen him in. And even though I had John Doe always telling me he’s a horrible actor, I didn’t even care. He didn’t even want to watch a movie if Paul Walker was in it, but I demanded we do anyway.

Ashton Kutcher is pretty hot…and I always had a girl crush on Allison Mack (she was Chloe in Smallville). And there ya have it…my celebrity crushes.


tell me your thoughts!

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