Try Something New

Every once in awhile.

Today I got up early (for me), and took the boyfriend to work. He really needs to get a hardship license, but that’s up to the court. Not me.

Then I came home, showered, and dressed. And headed downtown to a pole dancing class. You see, I’ve wanted to learn to pole dance- for fun, I don’t want to be a stripper- for about a year now. I was just talking, really too chicken to try it. I have a comfort zone, and I really have to push myself out of it sometimes.

Over the summer, this place that offers pole dancing, among lots of other classes strictly for women, was offering a discount off the usual month cost. So for a month of unlimited classes it is $60, but I paid $22. The offer expired November 5th, and I bought it in July. See? I put it off ’til almost the expiration date. I mean, the money I paid could be put towards the $60 if I didn’t use the promotion during the time it ran.

I finally went today. And it was fun. I sucked, but it was fun. I learned three moves, all pretty basic. While I practiced the moves over and over, the instructor, and a fellow instructor just hanging out, did all these cool pole moves. Like, wtf.

I have a month of classes, and now that I got the first one over with, I think it’ll be easier going. That first time is always scary.



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