Sore Muscles & Chest Pain

Make for an interesting day.

So I’m using my phone for this post due to my internet being funky.


Nobody told me pole dancing kills your biceps and your lower abdominal muscles. Holy shit.

It just gets me how sore my biceps are from Monday’s pole dancing lesson. Like, I pick up people every day! I’m constantly using my bicep muscles. Yet pole dancing worked them extra good.

And when I woke up Tuesday morning, and I went to sit up, my lower ab muscles protested. Ouch! I didn’t even feel them being worked while I practiced the three pole moves the instructor gave me. Yet apparently it worked them.

I’m all for a good workout that leaves me with sore muscles. I was just surprised. Very surprised. I guess one could say I didn’t realize exactly how hard pole dancing is…and I wasn’t even doing hard or fancy moves!

But aside from that fun stuff, I had a doctor’s appointment Tuesday afternoon. I hate going, but last week I was having very bad irregular chest pain, and my mom encouraged me to go get checked out.

She informed today before my scheduled appointment that even though I haven’t had the pain in a couple days I should still go. Apparently my dad’s mom died from heart problems, which is hereditary. She died in her 30s.

So, all week I wasn’t worried, is that normal? Not to worry despite severe chest pain? But when she told me that my first thought was “oh shit…I don’t want to die yet.” And then “I don’t want heart problems that weaken me and to determine what I can/cannot do.”

The doctor recommended I take 200mg of ibuprofen 2-3 times daily for 7-10 days. If that doesn’t help, I’ll go back for further testing.

The reason behind that is he thinks it’s chest wall pain, and something about that’s caused by inflaming…or something. I just know I’m taking the ibuprofen for its anti inflammatory.

From there, I went to the mall with my friend, and used the Sephora $100 gift card my Alaskan best friend sent me for my birthday. Damn, I love make up.

And then I spent the rest of my night cleaning my living room and bedroom with the boyfriend. It looks soo much better.

But now I need to sleep…work tomorrow. And overall, I had a pretty damn good day off!

tell me your thoughts!

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