Pregnant or Not

I don’t know.

So I’m sitting here, thinking omg! WHAT THE FUCK.

I got off work, and my plans to go out got cancelled, my girl friend’s boyfriend was sick so they went home. Well, I was bored so I went out. I got an .88 cent pregnancy test. I’ve only wondered because two days before my average start day, I woke up, and had a little blood.

Okay, no big deal. Starting my period just a little early. But then, the blood went away. And never came back. I still haven’t started, although technically today is my average start day. I’ve been having some cramps off and on, like I do when I’m about to start, although usually it’s just one painful cramp, and I start in a few hours. I’ve had one cramp every day for the last two days, but still haven’t started.

So, I got the pregnancy test. I know, I took it at night, and it’s super fucking cheap. But my mom and three sisters all used the cheap ones, and every time they were accurate. And every time I’ve used one in the past, they were negative- and lo and behold, I was never pregnant then.

But this test tonight…It has a thin, faint line. Marking it positive. I don’t what to tell the boyfriend, or my friends. Not yet. I’ll take another test in the morning, with that first morning pee.

And if I’m honest here…I’m not scared of having a baby. Rather the idea is exciting. The only problem is: I can’t believe it would be happening now. Not when I’m about to get rid of my boyfriend now. Sigh.  Such is life.

Tell me, does it look positive??




  1. I’ve taken pregnancy tests before that had a faint line like that and it was negative. But that is why I like the one that is a plus sign if it’s positive. Those are just easier to read. You’re right though. The first thing in the morning is the best time to do a pregnancy test. 🙂


    • Yeah, I’ll be buying a different one in the morning, with something easier to read. My only thing is, I have never had that second line before. I know it can be there, and still be negative, although in all the pregnant people I know, none of them have had a false positive pregnancy test. 😛 Of course, I could be the first one…lol. I’ve heard of the false positive tests, but just not in the women around me.
      I just don’t know how much more money I should spend on a test.


  2. Looks like a positive to me hun. My dollar store test faint line was even fainter than that and I’m preg. I confirmed it with a first response test and confirm…the box had a regular first response and a digital one that said yes+


  3. I actually called the pregnancy test company about having a faint line, he answered that if it’s there, it is positive. Congratulations though! And good luck, you will be OK, people raise babies without a partner all the time, if that’s what you choose to do.


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