Black Friday or is it Thanksgiving?

Black Friday isn’t Friday anymore.

Just a heads up, this is a rant. I think I’m due for one. If not, forgive me.


Okay, this kinda has me going both ways. Yes, the above work holidays (although from my understanding, they try to rotate. Give a nurse Thanksgiving off, she will work Christmas.) and nobody really thinks about them. And yeah, we should think about them, and maybe appreciate them a little more.

I actually worked Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veteran’s Day. But I am having Thanksgiving off. Actually, I am quite excited. The last two years I was in retail, and required to work. I know by heading into the medical field, I damn well know I won’t get holidays off. I know damn well I’ll be required to work.

But retail? I didn’t sign up to work holidays.

Fast food fucking closes on Thanksgiving. Because Thanksgiving is about being with family and eating too much food and being thankful.

I’m not talking about having to work Black Friday- hell, I’ll be working it. And I don’t give a shit.

But scheduling BLACK FRIDAY sales on THANKSGIVING is fucking bullshit. And even despite the fact I am no longer in retail, it still irritates me. Because Black Friday means Friday. Not Thursday.

Last year, my store started so-called Black Friday sales at 6pm…on Thanksgiving/Thursday.

I worked 1pm-10pm. I literally had no Thanksgiving. My family lives 30 minutes away, and even if I had driven out there, I wouldn’t have had any real time with them. So I ate Thanksgiving dinner by myself in a break room. A catered meal. That wasn’t my mom’s.

My boyfriend didn’t even text me the entire day.

Thanksgiving is a day of thankfulness. Black Friday is about selfish people, who push and shove to buy an item that they don’t truly need.

Thanksgiving is a day of family. Black Friday separates family for the sake of sales.

Keep Black Friday sales on Friday. Give your workers’ a break and give them a damn holiday. They already work every single other holiday. And hell, when will these greedy retail stores be open on Christmas?

And it’s not just the stores fault. It’s the fucking Black Friday shoppers who go out on Thanksgiving afternoon to stand in line for an off-brand TV $100 dollars off.

I seriously had people tell me how much it must suck for me to be at work last year. I just nodded. OMG I wanted to tell them it’s their fault, too. Not just the store. You are out there shopping. You’re not just taking time away from your own family, you’re keeping these stores open, and taking these employees from their families, too.

Healthcare workers, military personnel, and police officers have to work holidays because that shit don’t stop. And they know it. Retail could have the decency of giving their hard-working, ass-busting employees two holidays off.

Let’s put Black Friday back on fucking Friday.


tell me your thoughts!

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