In Case You Haven’t Heard

This is the truth.


At work tonight, my lazy co-worker just pissed me the fuck off. And I vented to another co-worker. I told her to watch out because when I see the lazy bitch again I’m going off on her (I forewarned the nurse, and she laughed and told me to go for it). I actually used less language and kept my tone conversational because we were assisting a resident into bed.

My co-worker says, “Oh man, I thought I was bad! You know, with a no filter mouth, until I met you. You are terrible.”

My resident chimes in, “Yeah I love her. You can say anything to her!” He misunderstood me earlier and thought I said I bought a vibrator to shove up my ass, and just thought it was hysterical, and teased me all night.

So yeah. Apparently, I’m the most honest person she’s ever met… Either that, or I’m just a mouthy bitch.

But no. You’re there to take of people. Do your fucking job. And if I want to yell at you, and the nurse approves it, oh well.

For the record, my nurses are always telling me to take charge, and be more bossy. I think it’s because it gets them uninvolved and because they know I do my job, so it’s okay if I “encourage” people to work harder in a bossy way.



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