Snow in the Midwest

And bitchy-ass people.

snow 1

Okay, we get it. The north clearly gets more snow than the south. And I wish people would fucking realize that, and stop saying this:

snow 2

Let me explain.

The north is used to a lot of snow. Those drivers grew up with a shit ton of snow. They grew up driving in it.

My Alaskan friend drives totally different than me on a messy, snowy road. I spent a month up there one winter. The majority of Alaskan drivers drove differently than Midwest/southern drivers. Because they deal with it every year.

I am so sick of hearing about how southerners freak out about snow, blah blah. We didn’t grow up with the same cold, same amount of snow.

Crazy thing is…northerners turn around and complain about the heat and humidity. My Alaskan friend thinks where I’m at is just unbearable.

Well, I think their snow/cold is unbearable. Which is why she and I will probably never live in the same state.

People need to understand states experience different extremes of weather. And that’s okay.

Omg. I need to stay off Facebook. I get so irritated.


tell me your thoughts!

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