Or rather the lack thereof.

Ok, so first off. I know I have been absent lately. I’ve been sick. I was seriously hoping to be one of those women who don’t get morning sickness, but alas, not so lucky. Then, I got a cold. I’ve barely been sick all year, and now, pregnant, I get sick. It has made me miserable. I am exhausted all the time. Smells, like food and perfume especially, make me want to vomit. I literally wore a mask at work all day because it was overwhelming.

I called in Tuesday, because I couldn’t stop throwing up. I hate calling in, but when you’re throwing up every hour or two, you aren’t going to be productive at work. Plus, I decided an extra day of rest was needed. And indeed, by Wednesday I had a little energy to which I went to work with,

But anyways. Enough about sickness.

I’ve been thinking lately about being pregnant. The boyfriend had, jokingly, said I wanted to get pregnant since I wasn’t on birth control. That pissed me off.

First off, he knows that birth control seriously fucks me up. It makes me incredibly depressed. Makes my moods worse (I already tend to switch back and forth on my moods, but add birth control to it?).

Secondly, I have asked him several times to use condoms. He just says he doesn’t like condoms, sex doesn’t feel as good- all that shit guys say.

It is not JUST the girl’s responsibility to use protection. Obviously, yes, girls can take birth control. But what about the girls who are negatively affected by it? Or the girls who don’t believe in it? Why can’t the guy use a condom?

I know condoms aren’t sure-fast. But neither is birth control. Especially if it’s not taken daily, or the same time. Which I could never remember it at the same time.

Guys act like it’s only a girl’s responsibility. It’s not. It takes two to get pregnant. And I’m sick of hearing guys using their excuses. Well sex with condom is better than no sex, right? Too bad I, and more girls, don’t put our foot down and actually say no til he pulls on a condom.



  1. All I can say is that I’m incredibly lucky that I never got an STD when I was a teen because sometimes I would let it pass to not wear a condom if I was hearing those excuses guys give. Birth control pills were great for light periods that only lasted three days. Since being off birth control a year ago (my husband and I want to conceive) my periods last six or seven days, and can be heavy and painful. I didn’t miss that shit. While on the pill it was harder for me to lose weight. I would diet and exercise and not lose a thing and still retain water. I like not having to remember to take a pill every day, and I feel my body is safer not on it. Hate those cramps, though, for sure! That sucks about your morning sickness. Hopefully it won’t last all nine months. I have heard for most women it goes away after the first few months.


    • I would say I’m incredibly lucky too, not getting an STD. I really haven’t slept around too much, just my pick of guys…not the greatest.
      See, when I was younger I had horrible cramps with my period, but they died down. I have a friend who, while on birth control, will have long periods. It’s crazy what birth control can do to each person.
      Oh dear heavens! It better not last that long! I’m so miserable…All I wanna do is eat, but I’m too nauseated to eat anything! lol.


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