Something Like a Fling

But not really a fling.

So in one of posts about a month ago, I mentioned a guy who I’ve known and how we have a flirty relationship, and how he’s a good, long time friend of the boyfriend. I said I’d write a post about him, and here it is, nearly a month later.

Let’s call him B, for the sake of giving him a name and making this post easier to write.

B and I met shortly after my 21st birthday. My new-found bar, was his bar. He was hot, kinda reminded me of John Doe, and we all know how in love I was, and how much I missed him. So I sat on my barstool, and drank my alcohol, glancing over at him playing pool. I apparently caught his eye, too, because he kept glancing at me.

To be fair, I didn’t know he was seeing anyone, and I don’t remember (too much alcohol) when I even found out he was. But hey, I was an expert in being the second woman, right?

One drunken night led to many at this bar. I have no idea which night came first, but some of these conversations are what came of my drunkenness:

B: I’d hurt you.

Me: I can’t be hurt anymore.

B: No, my dick. It’s too big, it’d break you.

Me: *laughs* Ok, right. See ya then.

I walked away.

Another night…

B: I really want you to come home with me.

Me: Sooo take me home with you.

B: I can’t…she’ll get mad.

Me: I don’t mind sharing.

B: *big smiles* A threesome, really?

Me: *shrugging* Yeah why not?

B: *smile fades* I’ll ask. I don’t know if she’ll go for it.

He goes and asks her. Although I’ve always wondered if he truly did or not…

B: She said no.

Me: Ok.

He says something about really wanting me, and I told him to convince her. The night is ending, and I decide to head home. I find him, and give him a hug.

Me: *whispering in his ear* It’s too bad, I’d be the best fuck you’ve ever had.

I was super drunk, and I know I said something really similar to that, and to this day, I still laugh with embarrassment. And I have no idea what he said. Too drunk.

Another night….

Me: I don’t remember what I said last weekend…but I’m really embarrassed.

B: Don’t be, it was hot.

Me: No…I feel really dumb.

B: It was hot. Wanna suck my dick in the bathroom?

Me: Uh no. I wanna fuck it, and if I suck it, I won’t get to.

And that is our “history” the boyfriend knows not of.

So when the boyfriend makes jokes about us and them swinging, B just smirks at me. It’s embarrassing… Or when the boyfriend makes comments about me being kinky, and B just stares… It’s awkward.

The nice thing is knowing he still wants me. And I don’t want him.

The embarrassing thing is knowing I was such a stupid drunk.

On the bright side, his girlfriend finally likes me.



  1. Hi, firstly, I found your blog via @strikedbyepicness. I’ve only read a couple of your stories so far, will def be reading more! Not only do I enjoy your style, I love topics which are a little risqué. I will be posting some stories of similar themes soon, newbie blogger and need to gain the courage to post them lol!
    Have a fab day!

    Liked by 1 person

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