Pit Bull Obsession

I like pit bulls. John Doe had one, and I really liked that dog. John knew how to raise his pit.

If you get on Facebook or have pit bull lover friends, then you are update on the obsession. You are aware of people saying they are the most loving, loyal dog you can have, and “look at how dangerous my baby is!” etc.

You hear “bad owners, bad dog”, “it’s the owner’s fault”, “pit bulls aren’t aggressive, they’re made aggressive”, etc.

I don’t know pit bulls entire background. I know at one point they were bred for fighting. I know they were also nanny dogs at another point. I’m not here to say they are in fact an aggressive breed.

Any dog can be aggressive, okay? Pit bull lovers need to stop blaming an owner entirely. I mentioned my family had a dog my mom had put down because she became aggressive. She was never free to roam the town, yet neighbor children taunted and teased her. Before that, she was loving, sweet- even shy. Until these disrespectful kids teased her in her own yard.

My family and I never teased her. We were not at fault for her aggressive behavior. She didn’t get aggressive over night, it took awhile. But it happened.

On the other hand, my mom currently has a small dog, who is aggressive. Not from being teased, just her personality. Due to her small size, she isn’t a threat, and my mom just locks her up in her room when people come over. Our other dog, she was an outside dog. We’d bring her in, but after a few hours she was more than ready to go back out.

Another thing pit lovers say is that “oh well he sure doesn’t look dangerous.” Excuse me? Are you fucking retarded? Our medium sized mutt didn’t look dangerous in the least, but she had become dangerous to those brats.

Since when does a dog need to look dangerous to be dangerous?

Ted Bundy didn’t look dangerous, yet he was.

Love and defend pit bulls. That’s fine. I don’t care. Just be a little smarter.

I’m not for all these pit bull bans, I think leash laws should suffice. But there is a reason for the laws. I was reading about dog attacks, and over 60% were done by pit bulls, some who had never shown aggression before.

One more thing. A 4 year old had been mauled by a pit. What disgusted me was the pit lovers blamed this little child, and only cared about the pit’s welfare. This kid lost his face, and nobody cared- it was his fault.

Any dog that mauls a child that wasn’t doing anything wrong needs to be put down. Pit or not.


tell me your thoughts!

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