Pens, Pencils, Keyboards

When was the last time you wrote something substantive a letter, a story, a journal entry, etc. by hand? Could you ever imagine returning to a pre-keyboard era?


So this Daily Prompt is a few days old, but somehow I just read it. And because I really want to chime in, I am.

I actually wrote my friend/pen-pal a letter the other night. Well, I finished it. I wrote the majority of it two nights ago, and came back to finish it last night. She and I have been writing for eleven years this month. Eleven years! We live states apart, and have never even met, yet she is one of my closest friends.

We’ve spoken on the phone throughout the years; we mail birthday packages to each other. Exchange pictures, excitement, heartbreak- she knows more about me than my friends here in person.

I keep a personal journal. I might be pretty open in my blog sometimes-usually-but I do keep a journal. Actually, in the past eleven years I’ve filled twenty-three journals. All hand-written in my messy, sometimes unreadable writing (I use my neat writing for letters).

I love journalling. I love taking pen to paper and watching the words fill blank sheets of paper.

But when it comes to my story writing- that’s always been on the computer. I have scenes written in notebooks, sure, but for some reason I prefer my laptop for “novel” writing.

In the end, yes, I could imagine returning to the pre-keyboard era. Not that I actually ever lived in that era…But I could survive. I love handwritten letters.

I’ve had pen-pals regularly since I was twelve, and we almost always handwrote our letters. Sure, sometimes we typed them. But there’s just something special about handwritten letters.



  1. That’s neat that you and your pen pal keep in touch after all these years. I remember having one in elementary school, but we lost touch after a year.

    Honestly, I don’t have the patience to write anything lengthy on paper. My mind is too fast-thinking for my hands to keep up. This is why I started typing my journals instead of writing in them, going all the way back to when I was 14 years old. My dad had gotten me that Mavis Beacon typing tutor and so I knew how to type from a young age. I was also one of the only kids in my classes who typed up my homework assignments. It was just easier and faster for me to do it that way. I have always been long-winded when it came to journal entries, so it saved me a lot of time — not to mention, my entries were readable. My handwriting is not so great.


    • Over the years I’ve had many pen pals, I’m only in contact with 4 still, and one via text only (she’s come and visited me a few times, and I’ve gone to see her as well).

      Haha, I bet the teacher liked your typed homework! I also used different typing programs and got really fast on a computer, but I just preferred my journal and pen. I can’t always reread them with ease though…and even my letters aren’t super neat. Just more readable haha


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