Stereotyping: A Bad Thing?

Sometimes people annoy me with the whole “don’t stereotype”.

Yes, I fully understand we shouldn’t make up our mind about someone off a stereotype without getting to know them.

But stereotypes exist for a reason. They exist because a group of people have made it, and to a large extent, they fit it.

Over the summer/fall my sisters were on a volleyball team. There were some problems between the girls, and while the coach didn’t call out names (she did tell my mom my two sisters weren’t involved), I immediately knew which two girls were the problem.

Omg, call the cops. I stereotyped those little bitches. After the season, I ended up asking my mom if she ever found out what girls were the problem. Yes, she had, and she told me which two.

Lo and behold, the two I assumed.

I was never rude to them, not that my interactions with them were many. I never trash talked them to my sisters. I just quietly stereotyped them.

Why did I chose those two? Because they fit the stereotype of snobby girls.

Could I have been wrong? Absolutely.

Do I believe stereotyping is wrong? No, actually I don’t.

Do I believe that judging someone off a stereotype, and shunning them is wrong? Yes, I do.

I give someone a chance, regardless. But I would say that I judge character pretty good. And if I’m wrong, I’ll admit it, and if I voiced it, I’ll apologize.


  1. Yep, everybody is stereotyping everybody. It’s part of our ‘survival instinct’, I guess.
    Yet maybe what the message really wants to say is:
    “Please stereotype, but not too much. And use extra caution when you want to share that with someone else for there’s a chance one could be wrong (among other reasons).”
    Maybe. 🙂


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