Words Do Not Always Mean Action


I wholeheartedly agree with that. Unfortunately, the person who posted this on her Facebook, doesn’t truly believe in this.

How can I say this? Because she is constantly bashing people who struggle with the decision to vaccinate their kids, people who decide not to.

I myself am unsure how I feel about vaccines. I do feel that six shots for a two month old is a bit much on their small immune system.

I know- the measles outbreak! Vaccinated people can go overseas, and bring it back with them. It is NOT just unvaccinated kids who can carry diseases. It just means the unvaccinated are more prone to the measles, etc.

But this isn’t the post about that.

She posted this in support of the homosexual lifestyle, I’m sure of it.

It just irks me how people pretend to be so tolerating, but in actuality, are some of the most judgmental.

“Oh, you’re against abortion? You are anti-women!”

“Oh, you don’t support gay marriage? You are anti-equality! You are a homophobe!” (Not that it matters many people have no problem with gays in general, they just don’t support “gay marriage”.)

“Oh, you believe in the Bible? You’re a close-minded bigot.”

The majority of people I know, and the people I’ve seen bickering on Facebook posts, posts photos/quotes like this, but don’t actually believe it across the board. It has limits.

I have no problem with being different. If people believe differently. Who cares. I don’t attack people for it. But I’ve been attacked because I believe differently than them.

Funny world.

tell me your thoughts!

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