Transgender and Planet Fitness

Maybe you’ve heard about Planet Fitness and their cancelling a woman’s membership because she complained about a man- woman, whatever- using the women’s locker room. Maybe you agree with them.

Me? It’s ridiculous.

Penis? Men’s bathroom/locker room. Vagina? Women’s bathroom/locker room. Simple as that. I get it- he identifies as a woman. But if he has man parts, the men’s restroom is where you go.

Any man can say he identifies as a woman and go into a woman’s locker room and see all the boobies his heart desires. I mean, who are you to question if he’s sincere? You don’t know him.

It’s not about judgment and hating their lifestyle. I personally don’t care about your sexual orientation, and what you identify as. I do care about men using women’s restrooms, regardless if they claim to be a woman.

When I was little, I was at the library and I went into the woman’s bathroom, and there was a man in there. I turned right round and found my dad. I told him about the man in there, and he just told me not to go back in there.

Was it a transgender? I don’t know. It was clearly a man.

Did he have ill intentions? I don’t know. But I just knew men didn’t belong in a woman’s restroom.

Any man can claim to identify as a woman, and be in there when a little girl goes in there.

Some people say that’s stupid to even say. No, it’s not. This world is an evil place, and that is a very real possibility.

I don’t care if you call yourself a woman. I’ll try to respect it and use the proper pronouns. But I will not share a woman’s bathroom or locker room with a woman who has a penis. Sorry.


tell me your thoughts!

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