This is True and I’ll Tell You Why

women don't believe you

One of my male Facebook friends posted this with the caption “this is soo true!”

And, yeah…it is true. Sorta.

A girl can like a guy, quite a lot actually, but for awhile she will question everything you tell her, unsure if she’s just another conquest for you to win over.

The reason why is because so many guys before you have lied to her. Have played her like a game. (Yes, I understand girls do the exact same thing.)

I honestly do try to trust a new guy. I can’t hold every guy accountable because of past assholes. Trying to trust someone you don’t know without completely ripping down your guard is tricky. But I don’t like walls. Do I have some built? Sure. But I try to take them down a little, and give a new guy the benefit of a doubt.

I try to remind myself and others that just because you’ve been hurt before doesn’t mean every guy you meet is the same douchebag.

I don’t want to be categorized as a bitch because some guy’s ex was a bitch. I don’t want to be categorized as a slut because some guy’s ex was. I want someone to get to know ME, letting go of past hurt/anger/rejection. Don’t bring that shit onto me. And I’ll do the same.


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