Hating the Police…Why?

I really don’t understand the strong hatred of police. No, they’re not perfect. Yes, some are power tripping. Some are arrogant, and full of themselves. Some make rash decisions that are wrong. And some are good and honest men and women.

There is Facebook group for my area for DUI checkpoints (supposedly it’s to discourage drunk driving, but I bet more people use it to find a different route home) and the page owner(s?) also post speed traps, etc. from its followers. It’s mainly a page for police haters, I’ve come to realize.

The page shared a post from a follower that said something along the lines of “cops are out everywhere tonight, I got pulled over for not using a fucking turn signal” and then everyone jumped in and started commenting “hey rapists, murderers, burglars, y’all are free to go out tonight because the cops are too busy looking for drunk drivers”, and just other really stupid comments.

First off, a turn signal takes half a second to flip on, is a common curtsey to other drivers, and you are actually required by law to use it. So. Instead of being a whiny little bitch, use your turn signal. And you wouldn’t be pulled over.

I seriously hate people who moan and complain about being pulled over for not obeying the laws of the road. The police officer is doing his job. Yet is hated for it.

When I got my two speeding tickets I didn’t bitch and hate the police. I was speeding. I knew that by speeding I ran the risk of getting stopped if caught. It was my fault.

Nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions; they’d rather hate the police for doing their job.

For the most part, I respect the uniform. I will stick up for cops when people around me are trash talking them. There are some bad cops, I know this. But to say all are the same is to say all blacks are gangbangers. And that definitely isn’t true either.


tell me your thoughts!

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