There are two reasons I don’t like the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

  1. I think it causes even more of a racial divide, and that’s not good. We’re trying to end racism. How can we end something if we’re focusing on the importance of black lives, while saying “white privilege” to the next? And, okay, what exactly is “white privilege”? I’m white, but in no way at all am I more privileged because of my white skin. I can still be creeped out walking alone in a bad area. Because white girls get raped, too. I don’t get paid more an hour because I’m white; in fact, I’d get fired quicker than a black girl because I couldn’t cry racism played a part in it. I’m honestly not getting what “white privilege” means. I’m not in college…because I can’t afford it. I could go on.
  2. Every single life matters. I know, I’ve heard it over a dozen times- “if you’re one of the people who say every life matters you’re part of the problem.” I don’t agree with that. Why? Because I am recognizing the importance of all lives and you’re focusing on black lives only.

This is not about ending racism and showing the value of black lives. Or at least that’s not what the media is doing. Behind the scenes, I’m sure- I hope- there is more. But what is being shown, and even from white black-lives-matter activists, it’s all I see. All I see is “police shoot black…”.

Excuse me, but when an officer is attacked by a black man, where are you, the activists and media, then? When a black man shoots another black man, where are the activists and media? When a black man rapes a white woman, where are the activists and media? When a black woman aborts her baby, where are the activists and media? When a black man kills a white man, where are the activists and media?

Oh right. The activists and media only focus on whites hurting/killing blacks. They ignore the rest. Because it doesn’t further their cause. They ignore black on black crime. They say black lives matter, they scream it from the top- but are utterly, totally silent on the thousands of black babies who are aborted. I thought black lives matter? Why so silent on those innocent deaths? (I know why for those who are pro-choice, but the ones who are pro-life- why are you silent about it, hm?)

I am not racist, although you may not believe me because I’m not in support of #BlackLivesMatter. I don’t care what color your skin is. And, I wouldn’t say that every black individual that has been the victim of a police shooting was done by a racist cop either. I know, I know. “Well whites don’t get shot, the police just arrest them.” Have you ever seriously stopped and thought that: this is a different police officer, a different city/state, and no situation is exactly the same? There are differences, some big, some small. If the same officer that shot a black person, was in another very similar situation only with a white person instead, and didn’t fire his gun, then yeah. Maybe he is a racist cop.

We got to stop saying every cop who shoots a black person is racist. That’s not true. Just like it’s not true that all cops are bad; you do have your good cops, too. Just as blacks don’t want to lumped into a bowl of “criminals” based off color, let’s not lump all officers into a bowl of “bad.”

I don’t believe we can ever end racism. I don’t believe we’re ever going to change some people’s hearts. What I hope we can end is racial violence (and this goes all the way across the board; black on white, white on black, including Mexicans, etc- all races can be racist towards any race and have racial violence).

Racial violence needs to stop.

We are all human; we all bleed red.


  1. First of all, you named about 50 different issues in this post. Black Lives Matter is protesting police brutality. Just like Breast Cancer Awareness just focuses on breast cancer. Second, if “every life matters” why aren’t you protesting? So you’re worried about the wordage of Black Lives Matter, but not the brutality? Then you mention abortion and rape, which are different issues. Not to mention Whites have the highest percentage of rape. Why aren’t you protesting that if that bothers you so much? There in lies the major issue. If you read the police crime stats, you would know this stuff. The murder rate in the White community is just as high. Yet, you sit back and try Black people what they should be upset about. You know what that is? White privilege. You point the finger at minorities but can’t recognize faults in your own community.


    • I said I’m not in support of that phrase, #blacklivesmatter.
      So, it’s strictly about police brutality? Because if that’s the case, I don’t understand why it’s not a concern that whites are victims to the police then as well. If the concern is merely police brutality, then we need to end it- not just when it involves black. But from how I’ve seen it portrayed is “black lives matter, lets end racism”, not “black lives matter, lets end police brutality.”
      I’m not worried about the wordage, I merely disagree with it.
      And how in the world do you know if I don’t protest rape? I myself was raped. I in no way condone it, and it’s a serious problem, regardless of who is doing the raping, or the color of their skin.
      I like how you come at me accusing me saying I’m ignoring faults in my community (way to divide whites and blacks, ma’am). I am NOT in any way saying whites are fautless. Whites rape, murder, steal just like anybody else. Because nobody is better than anyone else. We all are human; we all are capable of doing horrible things. But all lives matter. And THAT, my dear, is what I’m saying.
      I’m not telling blacks what they can be upset about, I’m asking a question: why don’t other things bother them? Why are they only concerned with police brutality when it affects them? (The same questions are posed to the media and even the white activists.)
      Yes, a stand needs to be taken against police brutality (against all races, not just one) as well as against racial violence (against all races, not just one).
      Not really sure how “pointing fingers” is white privilege…Guess a white chick isn’t allowed to ask questions, trying to understand things better. ‘Cause, ya know, white privilege.
      On a final note, I have read the crime stats. Thank you.


      • You are the epitome of hypocrisy. You just wrote a whole post about how black people are need to focus on rape, abortion, and crime. Then when I point out that Whites commit the same crime, all of a sudden I’m the one being divisive. If you don’t understand why people are saying Black Lives Matter, then you are a part of the problem. Your whole post just proof of that. Black people are being pulled of for traffic violations and are not making it home. Not the mention that stupid “stop and frisk” law, which cops were ONLY targeting minorities. Do some research. Talk to minorities. Then you will see why this movement is so important.


      • No I had a paragraph ASKING why they don’t also focus on other issues.
        It is dividing when you say “my community.” We are all human. I don’t focus on color of skin (I did in this one post, but in general, no, I don’t because color doesn’t matter. It’s the person inside.) and as a whole, this country needs to stop focusing on color. Join together, quit dividing. I guess that’s just a fantasy, though.
        Does police brutality only bother you if it’s directed towards blacks? Because it seems like it, and that’s sad. Because it bothers me when there is police brutality period.
        A movement to end police brutality IS important. Extremely important. But it needs to end entirely, not just for one race.
        Black lives do matter. I don’t like or use that phrase because I feel it’s creating a divide that we’re attempting to close. And therefore I don’t agree with it, but I do agree with ending police brutality…and racial violence. For all races. I’m sorry it upsets you that I have a paragraph asking why they don’t also focus on any other issues. I’m sorry it upsets you that I want police brutality to end for whites as well as for blacks.


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