What do you do

when your heart’s been broken?

and the one you turned to is gone?

and the ache in your heart

is an empty space

that only you could fill

The tear drops fall like a spring rain

as I’m trying to say a final goodbye

I can’t really believe you’re gone

it wasn’t suppose to end this way

and I’m sorry I failed you

I loved you

and we had our fights

and we had our issues

but I loved you anyway

I wanted to be a family

and I think we were finally

working our way to it

For the first time in months

we really talked

I was so excited

yet so afraid

I didn’t know what to do

we’d been down this road before

and maybe if I could’ve just

let the past go

you’d still be here

As I hold our baby girl close

I thin of your great love for her

and I remember your never ending patience

even as she screamed

You told me once you were afraid

to have a baby with me

that I’d be a great mom

but you’d fail as a dad

I didn’t believe it then

I don’t believe it now

you loved her with all your heart

you were by far a greater dad

than you gave yourself credit for

And I love

and I miss you

and I want you back


tell me your thoughts!

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