Time to Write

I have been on WordPress for right over two years, and my amount of time spent on here has dwindled down. I’ve found this thing called the 5 Year Journal, and I’m going to try to do it. I miss blogging. I miss writing.

I mean, I do write still. I keep my own personal journal (so honestly, I’m not sure why I feel the urge to do so online, too…maybe it’s the keyboard, I love tapping away at the keys), I have several pen-pals. I think it probably is mostly I miss writing on my laptop.

And without further ado (I just really wanted to say that…), I’m diving into this 5 Year Journal thing.

What is your number one goal this year?

My number one goal is to get into school. I truly cannot wait to get my own place again, and with a baby I need to make a little more than what I do as a CNA, so back to school.

I have other, smaller goals. Like, no more Facebook. That site is ridiculously addictive, and I don’t want to be the mom who ignores her child scrolling through their newsfeed. I wasn’t generally an active poster, but I still spent quite  a bit of time on there. Maybe an occasional check, but not for awhile at least.

I also want to start eating at least a little better. I started on Monday Alexa Jean Fitness Sore to the Core program, and to get the best results, I know eating better would give them to me. And by the way, my abs are super sore today. They weren’t Monday or Tuesday, but yesterday and today, yikes.

I also won’t be getting on Instagram as much either. Another social media site I would check countless number of times. It’s actually easier to give up than Facebook.

I am still doing good with the no pop. I had none for 18 weeks, then I caved and had an hi-c orange, which really wasn’t that good. And since then, whenever my mom is drinking a coke, I’ll take a sip. And that’s not even that good. My first taste of it after so long, I was like icky! It’s gotten a little better since, but as I’m still nursing, I won’t have any.

I am looking forward to getting into school, though.

tell me your thoughts!

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