5 Year Journal| Day 6

What possession could you not live without?

I like to think I could live without any possession, but I know it’d take a lot of adjustment if that were the case. For the new year, I’ve sworn off Facebook for an undetermined amount of time, and am only allowing myself access to Instagram once daily. Which, for the record, I would check countless times a day from my cellular device. I like saying that- cellular device.

I am doing good on staying off Facebook (I kept the messenger app, and did respond to one message, but that’s not my problem, my problem was scrolling through the newsfeed constantly. Maybe I should delete the messaging app, too, considering how rarely I get a message anyway.) and Instagram once daily. But, it seems I still cannot put my phone down.

I feel like I cannot live without my phone in hand. I have replaced checking those two for my email, WordPress, and even Craigslist.

Obviously, I can live without a phone, it’d merely take a lot of feeling lost and like I’ve left something behind. But for the sake of this post- my phone, is the answer.

Goodness, how pathetic. I really need to break this phone addiction. I am trying! I don’t want to be yet another 20-something year old glued to their phone.

Sigh. Hopefully, if I keep doing this challenge, next year’s answer will be entirely different than something so pathetic as my cell phone.


tell me your thoughts!

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