Valentine’s Day- An early post

So, I haven’t typically ever cared for Valentine’s Day. But this year might be the first year that it hurts, so instead of focusing on my pain, I wanted to take it and show others I love them, and that they are special to me. Four particular ladies- three of whom I’ve been pen-pals with since 2004, and 2005. The fourth I met through one of them when I went to Alaska to spend time with her. Two have boyfriends (the two in Alaska), but they’re my best friends. And the other two are single, and I know sometimes Valentine’s Day can be a stark reminder to your singleness.

So. I made each lady a card out of scrapbook paper, placed a heart doily on the inside, and used washitape to edge part of it. Nothing super crafty, I’m not really that great at crafty stuff. And I was actually going to save this post for V-day, but decided I’d go ahead and share it today.

Besides the homemade card, I also got a small box of chocolate (which I hope does okay in the mail; a friend sent me a box of chocolate over Christmas and it was fine, so I’m sure it’ll be okay) and a small stuffed animal. Nothing big. Just a “I’m thinking about you, and I love you” type of thing. And since they know nothing of it, it’ll be a nice surprise.

I will be mailing the packages on the 5th, most likely. Probably be a few days early, but I don’t mind.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the cards.

The outside of two of them…valentine's day cards 2016 (2)valentine's day cards 2016 (3)valentine's day cards 2016 (5) And this is what the inside looks on them. (With slight differences.)



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