Things are a-movin’

I wasn’t even suppose to wait this long- sheesh, it’s already February!

So. I had a drug test today (not a problem) for a CNA job I should be getting. It’s part-time, which is how I wanted to go back to work. Start out with a few hours, let baby and me adjust. Hopefully I’ll start there soon.

I called about EMT classes, and the class is almost full, so I really need to decide if I’m going that route. I had had an reaction to the two-step skin TB test almost 2 years ago, and required an X-ray, which came back negative. But I can’t get the skin test again, which is what they require. I asked how up-to-date does the X-ray need to be, and she should she hadn’t had that question before, and didn’t know, and gave me a number to call.

In the end, I need an up-to-date X-ray anyway. Because if I don’t do the EMT, I want to go to college for my dental assistant, and that does have to be less than a year old for the college to accept it.

The community college apparently no longer does appointments with advisers, just walk-ins. Kind of sucks because when you have a baby, you want an appointment so you know when you’re gonna be seen. My plan is to go talk to them about their dental assistant program tomorrow.

Monday I have an appointment at the career college for their dental assistant program. The community college is probably the better option, at least in my area, not all, but I want to at least talk to them.

I want to be a nurse. That is, and has been for 9 years, my goal. But nursing school is going to be incredibly difficult and time consuming and I’m just not ready for that commitment with my daughter this young.

Not saying the dental program will be easy (although I’m guessing easier than an LPN or RN program), but the plus to this is if I get my undergrad certificate, I can be done in 30 weeks. Which means I can make more money and move out of my parents. And the more I look into it, the more it does fascinate me. I like learning new things, and dental stuff is something I don’t know much about, despite having had braces from January 2010 to March 2013.

I was originally suppose to do all this at the beginning of January. But then I got sick. So, my plan is to decide if I’m going the EMT route (which also pays more than a CNA makes) or the dental assistant.

Not that I don’t like being a CNA, because I do (sometimes, not so much when I was pregnant). I really enjoyed it, and most of my residents. I just do not want to be a CNA for 20 years. I know some who have been, and that’s fine for them, I’m not going to judge them. But for me, no, it’s not what I want.

I have always wanted to be an EMT, so you’d think that’d be an easy decision. Except it’s not. And as much as I don’t want to be depressing, I just really want Clayton back and talk to him. I want his support and encouragement.

That’s that. This is the year I move my life forward, one way or another. For me, for my daughter. To a better life for us both.


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