Maybe y’all already knew this, but I didn’t-

General Hospital has been going since April 1963!!

I am simply stunned.

There goes my ever watching it.

I seriously had no idea it’d be on that long. How is that even possible?? I love my shows, but ten seasons always sounds like a good place to stop… Well, okay, maybe not, but anything more and it’s like really?

I loved Revenge, but a part of me was glad it wrapped up with four seasons. I wish it hadn’t been canceled, but who knows, maybe it would have ended the way it did. I am very happy it didn’t end with the audience hanging though, that was a huge plus. It seems when a show is canceled, you’re outta luck for that ending wrap.

Pretty Little Liars could end anytime, and I’d be cool with it. “A” has been revealed, and I’m not sure I’m even going to catch up on the latest episodes.

Smallville. Ah. My all-time favorite. Now that show, I was sad to see end, but on the other hand, it was time. I was pretty disappointed Allison Mack wasn’t in the final season much. I love her. And her and Justin Hartley together…my heart melted.

One Tree Hill is another show I was sad to see end but recognized it was time to bring things to an end.

I love Supernatural. But man, I really hope they wrap it up soon, end strong! don’t let it go when the ratings/viewers drop.

Criminal Minds. Love it. I wish they’d do more character development. I like the crime-aspect of it, but I wish there was a little more to the characters. I have seen season 10, but nothing past it. I actually haven’t looked into it, so I don’t know if it’s going for a 12th season.

As much as I may love a show, and I actually prefer shows over movies, I like them to end to, at some point.

And this post turned into something longer than I realized it would. Oops.



  1. My mother has been watching that show since 1970. I watched it for about 5 years with her, since we only had one TV at the time. They need to give my mom some best fan award or something, though she might die from heart attack of joy if that happened, and I wouldn’t want that.


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