So for 2016 I had a few goals in mind:

No Facebook for an undetermined amount of time, limit Instagram to once daily, exercise more, get into school, eat a little bit healthier, and, I really want to move out of my parents. That last one may or may not happen, I really can’t tell at this point.

As I had written, I got sick in January. I didn’t exercise, or talk to any schools. January was a waste on that front.

I haven’t been on Facebook at all. I only check Instagram once a day, and the weekends I don’t check it at all. This past week, I didn’t even check it every day. It’s just not a habit anymore.

I had replaced the constant checking of those two sites with Craigslist and my blog, but I have, not even intentionally, quit checking Craigslist. I still am enjoying my blog, though, so I do check it throughout the day to read.

So, on the lack of social media, I am doing good on my goals. And I don’t really miss Facebook. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything, and I don’t miss the “tolerant” people being intolerant.

I am back to exercising, and it feels great. I highly recommend Alexa Jean Fitness, her workouts are awesome.

I have talked to the community college, and I have an appointment tomorrow. I can’t say when I’ll be enrolled in school, but hopefully very soon. I am making a decision tomorrow evening, and while I’m terrified I’ll make a bad decision, no decision is even worse. No decision gets you nowhere, while from a bad or wrong decision, you can learn from it.

As for eating even a little bit better, why do I bother? I can’t seem to stop eating the delicious cookies my sisters make. Maybe later in the year I’ll start meeting my goal on this one, but for now… I’m a nursing momma, I wanna eat everything.

I also wanted to get back into writing stories. I try to write a little every week, which is much better than before- I could go months. I miss writing stories, and every time I open up Microsoft word to write, it feels wonderful. I should do it more than a couple times a week, but that’s better than nothing.

I know some people say it’s stupid to do the new year resolutions, and I doubt they think doing goals is any better. And ya know, it isn’t, if you’re going to just give up after failing. I failed the exercise thing for three weeks! But I’ve picked it back up, and I am determined to keep going.

Just because I failed those three weeks, doesn’t mean I need to wait until 2017 to restart. No, every day is a new day to start again. And I aim to use that.



  1. Awe sweet friend your update was good. Because, you acknowledge what you are not doing too. You nor I are perfect and change takes time. Sounds to me like you have actively done some changes. Take pride in those and feel your inner strength. You can do whatever you want! Always a fan….Annette

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  2. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I do write goals for different aspects of life. When you write your goals down and keep them front and center they are easier to achieve. It you don’t try, you already failed. If you fail, you just pick yourself up and start all over again. Stop over and read my blog when you get a moment. I’m just getting started, but I defined it as one of my 2016 goals. http://www.susanbodyrenovations.com


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