5 Year Journal| Day 47

What mood were in today?

The day isn’t over, but so far it hasn’t been the best ever mood. Very tired, and I just want to write a letter. But the baby isn’t napping, so I can’t write said letter. Posting in my blog is not the same as sitting down for two hours and penning a letter.

Trying to be okay with it. Sometimes it’s harder than other times to roll with the baby. Adjusting to motherhood doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes awhile…and just when you think you’re good, your child interrupts you and you’re irritated.

I hate feeling irritation towards her, makes me feel like a failure. But it isn’t always easy to have your whole life change and be focused on someone else, 24/7. Well, for some moms. Other moms want nothing more. I thought I’d be that mom…



  1. Yes, you are that mom! You are doing great. You are human. Today I snapped at my six-year-old because she was talking to me while I tried to figure out how to post a blog link. I felt terrible afterwards. But, I gave her a kiss, said I was sorry, and moved on. It happens. I love her to the moon and back. Sometimes the ride is bumpy.

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