5 Year Journal| Day 51

What kind of car are you driving?

I am driving a 2000, automatic, red, 4-door Ford Focus. And I can’t stand it.

I have a Camaro, my baby before I had a baby, but she started dying at red lights for an unknown reason so I’m not driving her.

I had gotten a 1996 Saturn in March 2013, for only $200 dollars. Two years later, it died. But I can’t complain, not at how cheap it was. It ran perfectly fine, too. Surprisingly, I missed it.

To replace it, I got a 2002 Honda. And surprisingly, I liked it! And then, a drunk driver totaled it when I was 36 weeks pregnant. (Baby and I were fine, thankfully.)

In replacement of that, I got this ford. And I really don’t like it. But it is better than no car. Except for when it breaks down. Which it’s done several times. The first month I got it, it broke down three times. But when it’s running, at least I have a car.


tell me your thoughts!

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