Better Year for Blogging

So I noticed today that my blog has already gotten 81 more views then last year- total.

I had more visitors last year, but I think that in less than 2 months I’ve already surpassed 2015’s total views, I’m good having less visitors thus far.

I have also received 91 more likes and 53 more comments than last year’s total.

I think it’s neat being able to look at the stats and compare years. I think it’s cool that if you’re active and engaging other bloggers, your blog does better. Of course, there seem to be some bloggers who just immediately attract attention. That’s not me, and I’m okay with that.

My top post for last year was Sex is the Answer

And for this year, so far, my top post has been Single Mom: To date or not to date?

This has been an uninteresting post, but I think it’s pretty cool how much better my blog has done in two months compared to all of last year.



  1. Well… I dated me dream guy. He couldn’t keep his parts to himself so we went out separate ways. I met my ex. Had two awesome kids. They truly saved me from myself! I eventually started seeing the former man of my dreams.. He often said I was the one that got away. And when we started seeing each other again he asked do you really have kids or do you just say that so you can get away from me?! I vowed to not let them be hurt by any of my mistakes. I wanted to make sure anyone I dated was there for the haul. That’s just me. No one will take care of your baby like you do. And when you find the one that does.. It’s great! Don’t not date. Your entitled to be happy. Keep things in balance. Your a great mom I’m confident you will make the right choices.

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