Please, use kind words

I have a new goal for this blog. Once a week, I want to pick a blog entry, or heck, even a blog I enjoy, and share it here. I may pick one post, or five. I don’t yet know.

And to start it off, I want to share this one from Mom’s Place of Sanity and here’s a part of it, but please, go check it out in its entirety.

Day 2: Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

Okay, so this is not going to be about being told something positive. Growing up I got picked on via school, my so called friends and even family. I was always told “you’re fat”, “you’re ugly” & “oh my, I’m so worried about you cause the size you are”.

People have told me positive things, but they haven’t fully meant it, or it just didn’t mean much for me to remember.

It’s so easy to use words that are hurtful. It’s so hard to use kind words- and even be sincere when saying kind words. If you haven’t got kind words, and the hurtful words will serve no purpose, then please, just keep your mouth quiet. (Sometimes, if truth is being spoken, it may hurt, but calling someone “ugly” is an opinion, and something that doesn’t even need to be said.)

Don’t got somethin’ nice to say, don’t saying a’tall.



  1. I would absolutely love it if you would consider sharing a blog post of mine!! I completely know what you mean by family and friends saying harsh comments without realising it upsets you. I am extremely tall for a girl of my age and people make snide remarks all the time!


  2. Thanks for sharing my post 🙂 It is hard growing up hearing that, and now as an adult I call myself fat and ugly because it was drilled in my head so much. But since meeting my now fiance 8.5 years ago, I’ve gotten a little better. Something like that is hard to overcome, since to this day I still have family complaining.

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