5 Year Journal| Day 57

What is annoying you?

Currently, nothing. Well, maybe Grey’s Anatomy. Seriously, another Grey sister?? And she is so annoying. I came to like Lexi, but this one- it’s not so much as the character, as the actress. Something about her is just annoying.

Lexi’s character annoyed me, but the actress I liked so eventually she won me over. Of course, she’s gone now, go figure.

I don’t know why I watch Grey’s. It’s ridiculous. The way they talk to patients…Uh no. I’d be finding a new doctor.

The way they talk in the OR- excuse me, but this show isn’t helping people who need surgery! Not that I need surgery, but the way they argue, wow.

I always hear how, if you’re in the medical field, you leave your problems at home. Not on this show, it’s all at work. I know it’s TV, and I don’t even have to watch it. And for the most part, I do just enjoy it. But sometimes, I just want to rewrite some of that baloney that’s written.

I do like it, sometimes. But it is also annoying. It has never been the same since Katherine Heigl left. I loved her. I know what a lot of people say about her, and I really don’t care. I loved Izzy, and I wish they’d bring her back. But she burned her bridge, and they won’t take her back despite half of the fan base wanting her back.

The other half, not so much. But I don’t like Meredith. We all like who we like, and dislike who we dislike. You can’t please everyone with the characters.


tell me your thoughts!

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