5 Year Journal| Day 62

If you could have a new talent, what would you want?

I would want to be good at dancing. Dancing can be considered a talent, right?

I took one pole dancing class, and it was fun. I was awkward, and terrible, but had fun anyway. I found out I was pregnant right after, and I never went back. You’re not suppose to pick up new activities when pregnant, at least not something as physical as pole dancing. Because let me tell you, that takes a lot of strength! I never realized how strong those pole dancers are!

I would love to pick it up sometime again…Not while I’m in school, but eventually. Just a hobby. I am a very awkward dancer, and even if I did learn the moves, I could never actually be a professional dancer (on a pole…or off).



  1. I have heard it is very difficult and I could see where it would take a lot of strength. Shoot I can’t even pull my own body weight up out of the water to ski. I have a lot of respect for the art even if it’s motive professionally isn’t one I agree with. I don’t have to. To each their own.


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