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I love this, and it’s this week’s featured post. I really like where she says she wants a man who buys her a dress, flowers, takes her on a candlelit dinner- the old fashion stuff.
I want that, too, and I don’t think there’s any shame in that. Meanwhile, I do like the handcuffs, too. But, I also want to be more than a submissive sex slave. I want to be loved and respected and treated right. I want the sweet love-making, but I also want it rough sometimes.
Go check it out with an open mind. Old fashion doesn’t mean wrong by any means.

The Liar's Chair

This post may not win me the most popular blogger award, but that doesn’t concern me. I have every right to speak my truth as do all of you. We all have our preferences.

Despite the suggestion of the play on words of my blog title I am not a “Fifty Shades of Grey” kinda girl.

I long for a relationship where a man honors me, buys me a dress, flowers, and whisks me off to a place where a romantic candlelit terrace dinner replaces the handcuffs and whips of the norm and maybe you can do both…I cannot.

Yes, I am a woman, there is no shame in being the weaker sex, for me. Nor do I have issues submitting to a man who loves and honors me. On the contrary, being a woman definitely has its perks.

Submission, as it was created to be, was never about authority, it is about love, holy love…

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