5 Year Journal| Day 66

Are you saving or spending?

Can I be doing both simultaneously? I am trying to save, but I guess I’m really doing more spending. Not on frivolous things, but for school, food- stuff the baby or I need. Granted, sometimes I go out and buy some washi tape or stickers. Which my sticker drawer is so full it can barely shut, so I’m putting myself on a ban from buying for awhile.

We’ll see how long that lasts!

I want to be saving, but I don’t work very many hours, and for the time being my small paychecks will be spent on gas, “rent” (which is just a small amount I give my parents to help out a little since I live at home, plus extra now since my mom is watching my daughter for me so much), phone bill, car insurance (which is every 6 months, and I think I’m good until June), diapers, and food. I buy the big think of diapers and they last for a decent time frame, though.

Thankfully, I also have the settlement money from my car accident last summer and my tax refund which is also helping me with my monthly school payments. I don’t want to borrow money ever again, and so far, I’m good. (A few years ago, I borrowed frequently from my parents and I hate owing them money and I made myself a promise not to let myself financially get in that position again. I know, I’m living with them…but at least I don’t owe them money!)

So there’s that.


tell me your thoughts!

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