5 Year Journal| Day 70

What is the most valuable thing you own?

If you money’s worth, than it’d be my Ford Focus. And even that isn’t worth a lot.

Sentimentally, it’d be my Camaro. And the necklace Clayton gave to me our first Christmas- but it isn’t super expensive. Which, he said he got in my birthstone but a friend got me a necklace with my birthstone for my birthday (it arrived late) and so he exchanged it for his birthstone. I still think he lied about that. Which is okay, I never minded.

I don’t really wear necklaces right now with a baby. At the time he got it, I was in a necklace wearing phase, and then I just sorta stopped wearing necklaces, and it bothered him I wasn’t wearing it anymore. I felt bad about that, but I tried explaining I wasn’t wearing any necklaces, not just his.

When I moved home, I couldn’t find it. I never gave it much thought. But then he died, and I wanted that necklace so badly. I looked everywhere in my room in vain. He was a sweetheart, and would buy me food, and occasionally flowers. But food was the best. He didn’t shower me with gifts, that wasn’t him, and I never cared. So that necklace was about the only gift I had from him.

I finally found it in his car. I have no recollection of it ending up in there. But I’m happy I have it back.

I don’t own a lot of expensive things…and I don’t have any valuables. Not that people who deemed valuable anyway.


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