5 Year Journal| Day 74

List three things you have faith in.

  1. I have faith in God.
  2. I have faith in love.
  3. I have faith that if you just hang on, there is something to smile about.

Not everyone believes in God. And I’m not going to push on that someone, not my place. Whether or not you believe, that’s not up to me to make happen. I can’t force anyone to believe. Just as they can’t force me to not believe.

I respect other’s differing beliefs. But all too often, once someone knows how I feel, I’m automatically written off as some closed-minded bigot. And that makes me sad. Because clearly they don’t know about God. No, instead, they only know about the people who use God to be hateful. But God? He is a merciful, loving, forgiving God. He is also just.

But believing in God doesn’t make me an idiot, close-minded, or a bigot. Actually, even the Bible encourages you to seek things out, and not just take someone’s word for something. It makes me sad that people abuse God’s name, and turn others away from knowing Him.

Love. There’s more than one type of love. But to me, love is more than romance, although it seems that is what a lot of people equal it to. I don’t hear “love” and think boyfriend-girlfriend or marriage.

Love is more than just passionate feelings. It is sacrificial, forgiving. Love is hard to explain. Because sometimes you just love someone and you don’t know why.

I know some people have a hard life. But you can find something to smile about, I truly believe that. Maybe it’s returning a smile that someone gave you. Don’t let life’s hardships steal your smile.



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