You’ve got to be kidding!

Omg, seriously? Why?!

The 15th was the primary election in my state. And Donald Trump won. Just barely beat Ted Cruz, but nonetheless he did.

I don’t care if you like Cruz or not, but Trump? Why does anyone vote for him? He is not presidential material. Just ugh on so many levels.

I don’t like either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, but he was projected to win. She just barely beat him. Pretty much I like him a smidgen better than her, but I’m not sure.

I’m just full of disgust Trump won my home state. Sorry not sorry if you like him. He doesn’t need to be America’s next leader.



  1. Primaries were yesterday, and he won by a LANDSLIDE for the Republicans. All the Delegates. I don’t understand how, especially with his rally in Chicago being shut down due to protesters. I just don’t get it. 😦


  2. I’m old so my opinion is biased. But I would challenge you to look at Hilary a self proclaimed progressive and Sanders a self proclaimed socialist. Look up these definitions. Both involve the government taking charge of our lives. I think we all know…ypiu can NOT trust the government! I grew up during the cold war. Communism was a real threat.Reagan and his trickle down theory worked. For those who don’t know…trickle down was not rich get richer. It was rich make money and they spend right back in! Do yourself a favor.YouTube his explanation! He said it will take years to see my plan come to pass…it did. I grew up poor, but trickle down worked! He built our country to be a super power. No one dared mess with us. Now… We apologize for being the greatest country in the world. We aren’t anymore! We are poor and broken! Our children’s futures are bleak. Giving Hilary or Sanders the seat is one step away from communism. Look the terms up progressive and socialism. Don’t trust anyone with your future

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