5 Year Journal| Day 77

Where did you go today?

I went to school, my daughter’s and my WIC appointment, and Sonic. Sonic was having a half off their shakes today, and I just had to get one.

I don’t want to be on WIC, but my daughter comes before what I want. It won’t be long term, just for a while. It is a good program, and needing help isn’t a bad thing. We were approved, and I’ll be on it until she turns one, then it’ll just be her.

At our appointment, this little boy, almost 2, comes running up to her and pauses, with a huge smile. My baby looks at him and smiles. So he moves in, hugging her, and planting a kiss right on her binky. She reached out for his face and spit out her binky. It seriously looked like she was trying to return the hug and kiss! It was soo cute! (But I’m happy their lips didn’t touch; he didn’t appear to be sick, but he could have been exposed to something and passed it to her even if he wasn’t sick).



tell me your thoughts!

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