5 Year Journal| Day 79

Today was__


I started my new job. And may I just say, thank goodness I have been a CNA before, because otherwise I would have been overwhelmed. I wasn’t, although I was lost. Firstly, the facility was huge, and I hadn’t had a tour (I totally should have asked!), and secondly, there are soo many residents!

Once you’ve been a CNA, really the only thing you need to learn going to a new facility is just learning the residents. Can they ambulate on their own; are they a one or two assist transfer or a lift. Do they eat solids or puree; drink normal liquid or thickened. Oh, and of course put names to faces!

I hate being the new girl, underfoot, in the way. So I took initiative. When a call light went off, I answered it, and helped the resident. I may have been new, and a little slow, but I think I catch on fairly quick.

Of course, with me only working weekends, it will probably take me a few shifts before I have it down 100%, but I am confident I can learn and be an excellent aide.



tell me your thoughts!

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