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Meant to share this last week. And the fact she acknowledged that even skinny women get negative comments make me love this even more. I am pretty small, and I have gotten comments about needing to eat more, or eat a burger. That is just as rude as telling someone not to eat. I’ve also gotten teased about having skinny legs, small boobs, and a small butt (but I also have been told my legs are nice, my boobs are perfect, and my butt is small and firm). I don’t know what the perfect size is- and maybe this is a wild guess, but maybe there is no perfect size.
Body shaming needs to stop. And, as a side note, shaming people for a preference needs to stop. If a guy only finds skinny girls attractive, that’s fine. As long as there isn’t any disrespect or hate, having a preference is perfectly okay.

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I have been hearing a whole lot of body image shaming and totally being unsupportive of each of our differences. It is not a new thing. None of it I know. But, I have a platform now and I am going to say a few words on these issues. First of all these issues are all one thing to me. It criticises the human body in some way. Come on people grow up! Embrace our differences! Do not let this divide us as a world into different classes of people. Here is a recent example that I am going to show you two different takes on. Body shaming:

Do we tell this person she is fat? As a whole I hope most of us do not. But, sadly remarks are made to this person about her weight. It is true. Shouldn’t the only person dealing with this medical issue be the patient…

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