And life goes on

Due to the 5 Year Journal taking up most of my time when I am on here, I haven’t been posting about what’s been going on.

As I mentioned, I enrolled in school a month ago for dental assistant. I was worried I made the wrong choice, but determined no choice was even worse. With that being said, it was the wrong choice.

I knew I was getting my diploma, but I assumed upon graduation, I could immediately sit for certified dental assistant (CDA). Nope, not the case I discovered. I would have to wait 2 whole years, working as an assistant. Why? Because the program lost their accreditation.

Now, if I truly wanted to  be a dental assistant, I would stick it out anyway. But I don’t. I was just doing it to get on my own feet again, and work as one while I went on to get my nursing degree.

Guess what else I found out? If you work in a dental office for two years (and the dentist signs off for you, and you hold a current CPR card) you can sit for your CDA. You hear that? No school! Just find an office that will hire you, and boom.

But no. This school wants me to pay sixteen thousand and attend a 4 1/2 hour class five nights a week for 32 weeks, and then work in a dental office for two years. Hell no.

I went to withdraw Monday. The program director, understandably so, tried to talk me out of it. I told her I thought about it all weekend, and I had made up my mind. She then tells me if I go anywhere else I will be in school for two years, and do I have time for that; they won’t offer evening classes; nor will they have the accreditation I need to sit for my CDA upon graduation.

Bull-fucking-shit. Literally, the school across the street offers an accredited program. But I didn’t want to do two years. And they offer morning, late morning, and evening classes. I never would have enrolled with the school I did had I known I couldn’t sit for my CDA upon graduation, and I explained that to her.

She tells me that I won’t be able to pass the CDA unless I work as an assistant for two years, because “it’s really, really hard.” I just look at her and state, “I am very confident in my abilities to pass without working as one first.”

Seriously? If you just said that, it sounds like your program is lacking. Right? If I can’t pass the CDA after doing this “great” program you’re trying to sell me (oh, wait, you did until I learned the truth), then your program really isn’t all that great.

So, I’m out of school. Super disappointed. I will be taking EMT classes soon as they start up. I always wanted to be one, and it’ll be a good stepping stone to nursing. If I even go that direction. I think I’d be okay being a paramedic.

My best friend told me she was really disappointed to hear about school because she knew it made me happy to finally be doing something, and that figuring out the next step is hard, and I’ve “had to do that a lot lately.”

I hadn’t thought about it that way, but I have. I keep trying to find the next step, and the ground is shaky, and I’m scared. But I’m trying to go on anyway. I won’t drown. Just maybe be set back.

Having been in school and working, I felt ready to start casually  dating. (Not causal sex, just dating.) I don’t want anything serious, just to get back out there. I don’t feel guilty at the thought anymore, and there is no time limit on these things. Some may say 4 months isn’t long enough. And maybe for some it’s not. But I feel ready, and I think that’s the important thing.

Anyway, more coming on that.


  1. Awe!!! Well I’m glad you found out now! So I don’t know about where you live, but i live in Missouri. I was a drop out and committing for years of school seemed like forever! I did licensed practical nurse first. It took a year, then I took boards and began working. Then I made LPN wages and worked part time while I got the prerequisites out of the way for the LPN to RN bridge. That also took one year. Total time for associate RN was about three years. But I was able to make descent living as LPN while I went on to become RN. Then I bridged from associates to bachelors and from bachelors to masters. LPN to RN bridge programs are great in Missouri!


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