About Me

I love writing. This is why I’m here, on WordPress. I received semi-finalist on a novel of mine in a contest a couple years back, and I was beyond excited. But you can go to My Fiction and follow the link to my novel.

I love music, but who doesn’t? Movies/tv shows, reading, writing, driving- I love it all. I just got into karaoke (December 2013), it’s super fun. I can’t say I have a beautiful lyrical voice, but isn’t it more about having fun? 😉 I’m pretty sure I’m not making any ears bleed, so I’ll keep getting up on stage.

If I had the money, I’d study journalism and criminal law. At the least, the journalism classes would benefit my own personal writing even if I never got a book contract or work for a paper. And criminal law classes- well, criminology has always been a huge passion of mine. It’d be nice if I had the money to go for them all! Not at once though…that’d be ridiculous. But I don’t, so medical field it is. My true passion, and I can’t ignore the calling, right?

I’m not judgmental- although I know that if I disagree on certain stuff, I will be considered judgmental. I am sarcastic. I hate the cold, although snow is beautiful. I love muscle/classic cars, big trucks, jeeps, and fast cars. Motorcycles are so much fun. I’m a girly girl, but I do love to fish. And yes, I hook my own worm.

I blog about pretty much anything, I use this as an online journal, so you get to see into my thoughts. And while I aim for anonymity, if someone I know found this, they’d know who is behind this blog. Maybe one day I’ll fully step out from behind my “mask”. Anyway, I typically post several times a month, so be sure to keep checking back in! 😉



  1. Hello. Thank you so much for the amazing advise on my blog. Im sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, the site and I are only getting acquainted now. I will attempt to paragraph properly 🙂 also I will say a little sonething about myself so people have an idea of who’s words they are reading. Thank you again 🙂 yeah I thought that experience should be shared with the world.


  2. Hey 🙂 you came by my page and I wanted to say thank you, first, and second, thank you for proving me wrong. Every now and then a “pro-life” person comes along and shows me, or reminds me, rather, that there ARE good pro-life people. I need to be reminded of that. I actually have made a few videos regarding pro-lifers not all being the same, as I met one woman whom is pro-life, but still respected me as a person and she is someone I now consider a good friend. Sadly, though, the majority of encounters are not like the ones I have had with you or her. But it is so refreshing to hear from a kind pro-lifer, we may disagree but thank you for your kindness and respect; and thank you for not calling names or saying horrible things simply because we disagree. I appreciate that.

    I will try my best to make sure people understand those posts are directed to the people who are extremists and not to the likes of you or a few others I know. I know that but I am not portraying it well enough, I will do my best to make it clearer that I am not speaking of all pro-lifers. Thank you again, I hope you have a wonderful week ❤ many blessings!


  3. Congrats miss moody girl, you’re one of my selections for the Liebster Award! (I know see you were nominated once before however didn’t see that until now.) If you choose to accept the nomination follow this link back to my blog post.


    I know some view this as a “chain letter”. I think it’s an awesome way to share more about ourselves and learn about new blogs. Either way congrats and happy bloggin’!


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  5. I love your blog! I studied journalism (Communication Studies, Mass Media) for my bachelor’s degree, and I’m finishing up an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. It’s fascinating stuff. I wound up in the healthcare field as well, working for a local health system in contracting (Contracts between the health system and the insurance companies). I’ve done National Novel Writing Month three times, and I’m determined to edit those three works in the next year or so to self-publish them.


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