I Suck

At this whole Zero to Hero challenge.

I joined because ya know, I thought it’d be fun. But without access to internet it just makes blogging in general difficult. Let alone doing a daily challenge.

Oh well. I will still do today’s challenge, being a good neighbor. I suck at the designing blogs, so I’m not even going to attempt the other days. I might play around with it at some point, but for now I got the basics. And it works for now. Right?



The Beginning of Why

I came here.

When I decided to start this blog, I didn’t have just one post in mind when I began. I was sick of seeing so much complaining and “fuck my life” statuses on Facebook. Sick of people claiming tolerance then being the most intolerant people I’ve ever come across. Sick of people shutting me down when I tried to speak- even though I let them say their piece.

So I came here to say whatever I want. Rant about stupid ass people. Get my opinions out without interruption. Say whatever the fuck I want.

But maybe just maybe what truly spurred me to come here was I needed to write everything down. About John Doe. I needed to get it down as the feelings run me over. And it has helped. Writing down my experience loving the wrong man has helped me in ways I can’t explain.

Regardless of why I am here, I love it.

Oh! and like I mentioned in the last post, I got the CNA position! I am SO excited!!

This Won’t Be Necessary

I’m really not being arrogant.

I like my blog title, and the tagline, “moody and sometimes offensive”. I think it pretty much sums my blog up.

And just hit me- my blog is a personal blog. Like, you got your health food blogs, your comedy blogs, your fitness blogs, your art blogs- you get the idea. Mine is just…me. It’s personal. It doesn’t just cover one topic, it goes over, and will continue to do so, a wide variety of subjects.

And for anyone who knows me, I am extremely moody. Out of my nine sisters and brothers, I am most likely the moodiest. And I can be offensive. Or maybe just controversial. I talk about (or will talk about) abortion, religion/God, gay marriage, marijuana, blah blah. And we all know abortion and religion are two highly touchy subjects. As are politics. But I can cover that another time.

And just for the record, I applied for a job as a CNA at a place a couple miles down from my apartment. Thoughts/prayers I get it! I’m super excited to be entering a new phase of my life, and really hope it starts sooner than later. I want to be a CNA so badly.

Introduction 101

Hello all

I’ve talked a lot about myself on here, my past, some of my future dreams, but I guess I shall further introduce myself and why I am here.

I could probably ramble on because that’s something I excel at- oh, and annoying people. So nobody can say I’m a failure!

First off, I actually do keep a personal journal. I have since I was twelve. I’ve filled over twenty journals since. I love writing down my feelings, what’s going on, and all that jazz. I’ve tried blogging a few times in the past couple of years, but always ended up deleting them.

I’m back now, and am enjoying the experience immensely. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten comfortable with sharing my writing, or maybe it’s because I just freakin’ love typing on a keyboard and I feel like my creative imagination has taken a nap- a very long nap. Or maybe it’s just because deep inside I love sharing on the internet.

Speaking of which, I declare some people need to share everything on the internet. I mean, have you checked Facebook?? Like, I post 1-4 times a month on Facebook. I don’t understand the desire to post every life detail to Facebook. And even as honest and open I am on here, there are things I leave out. I leave those for my personal journal.

I am a very open, honest individual. Liars and arrogant douchebags (or bitches) are the two types of people I cannot stand the most.

Why am I here? I don’t know completely. But I love posting, and getting my rants and opinions out there; sharing some personal stories that just may let someone else know they’re not alone. Or the occasional sex talk- just because ya know, everyone loves talking about sex.

And that’s it, my fellow beings. My introduction. But definitely read the rest of my blog to really learn more. Because I kinda sucked at this post. But seriously, I love feedback, so don’t be shy.