5 Year Journal| Day 89 & 90

What was in your post office box today?

Nothing for me. I thought I got enough new pen pals to keep me in a steady stream of letters, but it’s definitely died down. I miss it! Need more pen pals. So hard finding good pen pals, though.

Today was a complete__

Lazy day. I really didn’t do much. I exercised for about 40 minutes, the younger sister, my baby, and I went to WalMart, Michael’s, and PetSmart, and when we came back, we went around the block.

I would have loved to take the baby to the park and go around the lake, but we were expecting a storm- which as of now, has still yet to arrive. I should have just gone! But I really didn’t want to be caught in a storm with a baby.


5 Year Journal| Day 87

Did you thank anyone today?

Yes, I did. Several people. It was Easter, and I thanked my daughter’s aunt for the Easter basket; baby’s grandma for watching her, as well as my mom for watching her rest of the evening.

I had work, and both grandmas split the time. Which was nice for my mom since she is the one who watches the baby the most (outside me, I mean).

5 Year Journal| Day 83

Who is your hero?

I don’t know that I have a hero. I have people I look up to and aspire to be like- to an extent. I don’t want to be anyone’s copy. Maybe it’s just late, and I should really put more thought into it. But I’m not…

And also, I’m just not feeling this 5 year journal thing. I may take it to a notebook, but I’m not sure I want to continue it here any longer.