Over You

There were so many things

I wanted to say to you

but I didn’t

And I don’t know why

Now my chance has come and gone

You’ve moved on

And I’m nothin’ but a distant memory

I watched you go

I stood there, right there

for so long

Wishing like hell you’d turn around

and I could say everything

But you never looked back

I’m turning around

walking away

Finding myself along the way I lost it

You did a number on my heart

It still cares for you

It still longs for you

And no matter what I do or say

I still look back

hoping to see you

But you’re gone from me for forever

you left me for someone else

I was nothing more than a good time

so innocent and trusting

I was easy for you to trick

blind to the game you played

Thanks for these scars now on my heart

Does it ever even bother you

or was I just another win

Every time the pain starts to become too much

I remind myself

that all those things you said to me were lies

I never lost anyone who cared about me

It’s a good thing you’ve gone

’cause now I can move on



  1. very nice poem, I like how simple you kept the language so that we didn’t have to guess on any meanings, we just focus on the message and emotion. On that note, you should consider using feelings or actions instead of statements. For example: “I was easy for you to trick” or “but you never looked back” both are facts that tell the reader what happened, but perhaps you should show the reader what happened instead.

    Here is a reference for what I mean:

    Visuals like this would help me to engage in your poem not just by knowing what you thought, but what you felt and saw. Great poem, keep at it!


  2. Thank you for reading, and taking the time to comment! I appreciate it. Thanks for the link, I really enjoyed reading over it. I’ll keep that in mind for future poems, and in other writings. As for this one, it is finished, and I know showing is better than telling… There’s several poems that link to this one, and a story behind it. So I guess in writing it, telling just worked better for this poem- for me.


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