I am a very passionate person.

I think it annoys people sometimes, because I am always so passionate. But I don’t understand how people can be so “blah” about life. It doesn’t matter what it is, I am passionate. It doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree, I am passionate.

I speak my mind. I don’t care if someone agrees or disagrees- if someone gets offended. Everybody gets offended over something, and to live my life trying never to offend anybody? Fuck that. Now, don’t mistake that with me setting out to offend people. ‘Cause that’s not what I’m about. I just won’t remain silent because someone may be offended over what I got to say, but my intent isn’t to intentionally offend someone.

And honestly, I’ve met a few people I can be passionate with, even though their views differ widely from mine. And neither of us got upset. We were enjoying an honest debate with no hate, explaining why we believe/feel what we do.

Trust me, the two debates tend to get quite heated in general: religion, and abortion. I wasn’t trying to change their mind, nor they mine. We just talked. Which, in case you didn’t know, debating (respectfully, and actually having both parties get their entire thoughts out) is very healthy. It gives you things to think about, strengthens you in your stance- or gives you reason to assess it better. Whatever. Every time I debate, I do so with an open mind, and usually learn more about the other side, and further learn to relate to people better, and present my “case” better.

Okay, I’ve gone off topic.

I feel strongly about many things. From abortion, to Smallville, to marijuana, to books- blah blah. Guarantee you mention something, and I’ll have a passionate response for you.

And when I met people who are just like meh, I don’t think about it, I’m just like OMG how do you NOT?! I’m not trying to be judgmental here, but when I met people who lack passion, they lack conversation, and I thrive on conversation. I need conversation. I can usually carry on pretty well, but well, eventually I want some feedback. I want you to respond back to me. Otherwise I may as well shut up.

Guys. We ladies all know guys don’t talk that much, or most guys. I’ve met a few who talk more than me. And I talk a lot, so that’s kinda scary actually.

Anyways. I cannot be with a guy who doesn’t talk to me. I can’t be with a guy who barely responds when I run off on some crazy topic. I can’t be with a guy who doesn’t bring up random shit.

I am a girl who needs: sex, food, and conversation in a relationship. Those are the three most important things. Okay, so not the only important things- I need a guy who visits with my family and for the most part, enjoys them. And I need my back scratched, and to be cuddled. And definitely my man better have some mechanic knowledge because I’d love not to have to call my dad every time for a car problem.

I don’t need roses and chocolate. I don’t need romantic dinners out, or the nicest things. Most of what I need is free- except for food. But I’ll settle for fast food and pizza.

And yeah. I’m basically rambling here, and completely lost all train of thought of where this blog was headed.

I am passionate- and I simply don’t understand how others just live with a “meh” attitude.


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